And now I have finally seen the light

After a solo day trip to Lake Tahoe for some downhill mountain biking, I made a stop just before entering the city on Treasure Island.  If your not familiar with Treasure Island, it lies directly between Oakland and San Francisco and is directly off of the Bay Bridge.  Below is an assortment of views shot around nine at night.  In order to capture such incredible detail a trip was used along side a slow shutter.  All edits were done in Lightroom and converted to black and white. 

All of my images are constructed in two parts; (1) Shooting (2) Editing.  Each experience is different but typically this is what makes my art.  All combination of days, feelings, and emotions all combined to produce one product.  After returning from the Muse concert my emotions were running crazy and feeling passionate about strong, bold, powerful music.  Therefore my edit of these images is a strong black and white, showing power and strength.